My creative journey...

began in early childhood while living in rural Ontario. Hours of drawing and painting at the kitchen table led to private art classes in my early twenties.

After moving to Alberta my art education continued, with a variety of workshops, including a number of week long, intensive painting courses at Red Deer College Summer Series.

In June 2016, I graduated 'with distinction' from the Fine Arts Certificate Program at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension.

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The inspiration...

for my use of rich vibrant colour is influenced by a previous career as a floral designer; while my continued fascination with antiquity, archaeology, and primitive art, influences the texture, and mark making in my abstract work.


An interest in ...

portrait painting began at that kitchen table I mentioned earlier.

The process of creating a portrait introduced me to the unique dialogue that develops between the sitter and the artist... a private, unspoken dialogue, which I choose to express symbolically through the use of colour, line, and texture.

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